The below map shows all the hikes I have made into the Sulcis Mountains to date. I have geotagged my photos and these can be viewed on the map by moving the mouse pointer over the camera icons (you'll need to zoom in on this map to see them all: hold Ctrl while rolling the mouse-wheel, or click the arrows next to the track list). Open map in new window . The map doesn't work as well on a phone, but you can tap the camera icons to view the thumbnails then tap off to close.

The default map is OpenTopoMap as it clearly shows the topography, but many other maps can be selected using the drop-down on the top-right of the map. Other particularly useful maps are , it:IGM1:100k, OSM(TFOutdoors), and WorldAerial. Sadly google maps are no longer available.

For more information on each hike, including a slideshow, profile and to download GPX, use the links below:



Some networks may block the in frame map below. If it doesn't show, check your browser's address bar for option to override, or click here to open map in new window:

You can also download the Google Earth version here 


More Sulcis paths:


My Next Hikes:

I use Google Earth (screenshot below, click for high res-image), Wikiloc (Viewable in GE's Gallery) and Garmin BaseCamp to plan my hikes. Georeferenced image-overlays from GE can be imported into BaseCamp to provide free background mapping.



I have the following hikes lined up for my next trips to Sardinia:


giweather joomla module


To avoid hunting season, websearch for calendario venatorio regione sardegna to get latest timetable. In 2018/19 it was between 30th September 2018 to 31 January 2019, Sundays and Thursdays only.


Mte Lattias

17.8 km, n/a


Monte Narcao 

5.6 km, n/a


Trails 217 & 203

24.6 km, n/a


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