This site is (mostly) about hiking, gadgets and adventure.

It's a place I document things I do infrequently, so that I don't have to figure it all out again the next time. I'm sharing online with the hope that you find something useful too. If you do, please add a comment, or click an ad!



Hiking Sulcis Hiking the Sulcis Mountains, Sardinia

Kayak Icon s Kayaking Thames, Kennet and Loddon. England

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites

NEBOSH EXAM root causes accidents health safety Mnemonics for NEBOSH NGC

WWI Remembering Great Uncle Reggie: World War I Centenary 


1/4 Battalion London Regiment (City of London) War Diary

Part 1 (65MB)

Part 2 (65MB)

Part 3 (65MB)

Part 4 (65MB)

Part 5 (65MB)

Part 6 (5MB)


1/20 Battalion London Regiment (Blackheath and Woolwich).

Part 1 (40MB)

Part 2 (40MB)

Part 3 (40MB)

Part 4 (40MB)

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