27th October 2018

Alt: 1,096m. Distance: 19.6 km, Time: 08:50:56

This hike was based on a route from Wikiloc (https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/monte-codina-tiriccu-17643196), but I added an extra section to reach a third peak (which turned out to be one of the highlights, with views to Cagliari and Costa del Sud).

There had heavy rainfall and flooding a week previously, but I was surprised to see the area I had intended to park my hire car has been washed away entirely, and half a bridge with it. Fortunately the bridge was still crossable and I began my ascent, together with a horde of mushroom pickers (the wet weather has produced a bumper crop this year), up the west face of Monte Cordina.

The rocky landscape, with views south across to the lush hills of Panteleo and down to Sa Fraigada, is stunning. Soon I was enjoying the view to the North to Monte Nieddu’s Northern ridge, and scrambling over boulders. Beyond the summit of Monte Cordina (904m), the next section of the hike was into the woods and up to Monte Tiriccu (1104m). This was a hard slog rewarded with just a spooky pile of stones at the top, no view (done again, I would skirt Monte Tiriccu and conserve my energy). Saw a snake! Descending slightly on Monte Tiriccu’s North face there are some glimpses through the trees to the basin below, but it wasn’t until I had pushed through to the next peak, Monte Sa Mirra (1096m) that I enjoyed proper views.

I enjoyed a cold Ichnusa, the crisp local brew I’d carried in my thermos, while taking in the view all the way to Cagliari and the South coast (my binoculars revealing the castle and cruise ships) also looking across to Monte Is Caravius, that I had climbed eight months previously, and Monte Lattias, soon to be conquered. The decent was on the East face of the mountain where there was a lot of storm damage too, with deep gullies cut into some of the tracks. The river, now a trickle, pleasantly tinkling below while wild rosmary scented the air. Light fading, and having to double back after missing a turn adding an extra kilometre, I picked up my pace to make it back before darkness fell. A pleasant, gentle gradient took me around the foot of the mountain back to the fork in the path, a kilometre from where I parked, onto the familiar path I had started on that morning. I got back to the car at sunset, happy with the day’s achievements.

See map below for geotagged photos (mouse-over camera icons), and further down to see the profile and to download the GPX

From Mte Sa Mirra looking East:

MteTirricu MteSaMirra 094

 From Monte Cordina looking South: MteTirricu MteSaMirra 142

19.6 km, 08:50:56


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