7th April 2015

The Sulcis area has been exploited for its mineral wealth since antiquity. This page collects geotagged photos form three sites:


- The Rosas mining museum: Lead-zinc was mined here from 1851 to the 1970s. The complex is fascinating to wander through and there are regular guided tours into the mines.

- Ferrovia del Sulcis:  A short walk along the abandoned railway and impressive viaduct that serviced the area's mines. This section of the ‘Ferrovia del Sulcis’ (Sulcis Railway) between Narcao and Siliqua operated between 1926 and 1968, closing when the nearby reservoir (Invaso di Bau Pressiu) was constructed. The tracks have long since been removed, converting the route into an interesting route for hiking and cycling. It crosses many rivers and streams by charming (and well maintained) viaducts, the most impressive of which is the ‘Viadotto Rio Fundus’. More information (in Italian) about the railway can be found here, along with some nice old photos: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrovia_Siliqua-San_Giovanni_Suergiu-Calasetta.

- The Su Montixeddu geo-mineral museum and Su Montixeddu cave: Local museum and cave of the localspeleology club. http://www.speleoclubnuxis.it/grotta-su-montixeddu.html      


I hid a geocache at the viaduct

See map below for geotagged photos (mouse-over camera icons), and further down to see the profile and to download the GPX




2.2 km, 01:38:53


More Sulcis trails:

Maps: North PDF and South PDF  

Online trail maps: http://www.sardegnasentieri.it 

(See also Guida naturalistica PDF and other publications at http://www.sicforestamontearcosu.eu/index.php/pubblicazioni.html- ) 


Photo Gallery:

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