30th August 2016

Alt: 342m. Distance: 5.3 km. Time: 01:53:49

It was a hot summer's day, so this shady short walk was very pleasant. It is also the gateway to a number of longer trails so I was keen to familiarise myself with the area. I drove up to the picnic spot, called Is Figueras (turn right off SP1 heading E, just after the Pantaleo barracks) and did a loop from there. You can also ascent from the picnic area to follow trail number 202 towards Monte Maxia. The loop took my past the remains of some old mining buildings, then the forest barracks that have some interesting display boards, then the remains of the little church of San Pantaleo from where the area gets its name, and finally the remains of small Roman baths. (The Romans had soldiers stationed here to guard the pass through to Cagliary, now the SP1 unpaved road). I also heard a woodpecker hammering away!


See map below for geotagged photos (mouse-over camera icons), and further down to see the profile and to download the GPX



5.3 km, 01:53:49


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