3rd Jan 2012

24th Aug 2016

(Also photos from 30/5/11, 3/4/13 & 5/5/14)

At the foot of Monte Nieddu is a The Sacred Well at Tattinu (9th Century BC) and remains of associated Nuraghic settlement. From here a cart track winds its way up to close to the summit. The gradient of the track is not steep, so this is not a hard climb, but is thus unnecessarily long. I'll find a more direct route up through the woodland tracks one day I expect.

I first walked this path in 2012 having seen it in aerial photography. I just used a print-out to navigate as this was before I had a GPS receiver (or a smartphone). The photos pinned below are therefore not geotagged from GPS (except those from 2016). I pinned them manually, therefore some will be approximately positioned.

There are fine views over to the sea and the island of San Antioco, and accross the valley. Next time I'll go further along the ridge past the summit where there are fewer trees and views to Monte Is Caravius I expect.


See map below for geotagged photos (mouse-over camera icons), and further down to see the profile and to download the GPX



11.3 km, n/a

 MteNieddu profile

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