5th April 2013

23rd Dec 2013

Alt: 842m. Distance: 13 km. Time: 04:21:49

Most of this route follows a cart track that rises from Su Peppi Mereu (a quicker route up would be the trail up from Nuxis, but I wasn't to discover that for another two years). The first time I hiked this route was before I had my Garmin, so I turned back where the track turned into a path through the woods, fearing getting lost. I returned that Christmas time armed with my new Etrex20, a present from my wife, and pushed on through to look for the summit and to see what was on the other side! Mostly wooded, I went the wrong way for the peak (which I would eventually visit five years later), but found a rocky outcrop that was scaleable and from up there got great views across to Monte Nieddu and down the valley to the sea. 

I left a geocache there. 

I pinned the photos manually for April 13, so some have estimated locations.

See map below for geotagged photos (mouse-over camera icons), and further down to see the profile and to download the GPX


 Views looking NW from the North face of Monte Tamara:IMGA0297


13 km, 04:21:49


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Maps: North PDF and South PDF  

Online trail maps: http://www.sardegnasentieri.it 

(See also Guida naturalistica PDF and other publications at http://www.sicforestamontearcosu.eu/index.php/pubblicazioni.html- ) 


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