11th April 2015

Alt: 333 m. Distance: 5.9 km. Time: 02:58:21

I did this hike the morning before flying home. This track is in the WWF reserve of Monte Arcosu, the entrance being not far from Cagliari airport. There are a number of trails. This one is 'A5', one of the shortest, which goes up a valley then back along the top of a ridge. The route is marvellous, particularly where the river has cut a deep gorge through the rock. The trail finishes at a deer enclosure and information hut. There is a geocache near the big flat rock that marks the midway point


See map below for geotagged photos (mouse-over camera icons), and further down to see the profile and to download the GPX



5.9 km, 02:58:21


More Sulcis trails:

Maps: North PDF and South PDF  

Online trail maps: http://www.sardegnasentieri.it 

(See also Guida naturalistica PDF and other publications at http://www.sicforestamontearcosu.eu/index.php/pubblicazioni.html- ) 


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