15th Feb 2018

Alt: 1,114m. Distance: 24.3 km. Time: 11:00:51

This was a tough hike! I started at 8:30 and didn't finish until an hour after dark - at 19:30! Fortunately I had brought my headlamp along. It's steep and I had problems with painful knees coming down so it was very slow going. The path (#221) is marked quite well with signposts, but there were a few places I lost my way. I had the track in my Garmin so I swiftly saw when I was off course. The summit of Monte Is Caravius is partially tree covered, so the views are blocked in some directions. There are also similarly high peaks nearby that block some views, however you can see parts of Cagliary (Devil's Saddle) to the East and the sea to the South and West. The route up is the highlight - criss-crossing a stream with waterfalls and pools. The valley is completely cut off from the world so it was just me and the mountain.

Total track time: 11h 00m 51s
Total real distance: 25.3 km
Minimum elevation: 237 m.s.l.
Maximum elevation: 1114 m.s.l.
Total climbing: 2375 m
Total descent: 2328 m

See map below for geotagged photos (mouse-over camera icons), and further down to see the profile and to download the GPX


View looking West into the basin on the descent, Punta Su Fixi and Monte Nieddu to the left


My photo looking up to Monte Is Caravius, with a screenshot from Google Earth with my GPS track:



24.3 km, 11:00:51

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