Your phone will automatically geotag your photos, but what about photos taken with other, non GPS enabled, cameras?

For a long trip, having a GPS tracker running constantly is not practical, especially as your phone is doing it anyway (if activated)


To get the location data with timestamps you need to download your Location History from Google: (or download an individual day with Google Timeline)

Location data as JSON


It's a big file, so cut it down to the day you need, and convert to KLM, with Location History JSON Converter: 


Download from Location History JSON Converter


(install Python:


Move file to the same directory as LocationHistory.json 

Open Command Prompt (type cmd into the Windows Start box)


‘cd’ into the directory where the files are (Enter into command line:  

cd C:\Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi


Then run the script, entering your own start/end dates   (Note that the dates are up to 00:00 hours) LocationHistory.json -o LocationHistoryKML.kml -f kml -s 2017-11-15 -e 2017-11-17



Then go to GeoSetter

Import photos requiring the Geotagging

Go to 'Images' menu, select 'Syncronise with GPS data files...'


Select you new LocationHistoryKML.kml file



Adjust the 'Time Adjustment' settings:

Request Time Zone by using web service

Select the timezone photos were taken in



'Save all changes to Image Files'


Your photos now have been geotagged based on your Google Timeline! 



#3 RonSpike 2019-08-26 21:53
My LocationHistory.json is approximately 400MB. Running the with the command from the example above but for a date range such as "-s 2019-08-03 -e 2019-08-07" results in "Error decoding json" and no output file. Any idea?
#2 Administrator 2019-07-17 12:50
Hi kspratt. Where did you encounter the error? If when importing to Geosetter then you'll need to trim the file first with the Location History JSON Converter tool
#1 kspratt 2019-06-03 19:01
This is the exact process I was looking for. The issue I am running into is error that cannot open input file. It is about 700 MB so not sure if the size is an issue. I have checked permissions on file and there does not seem to be any issue there. Any thoughts

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