To add location metadata to a batch of photos, marry them together with a GPS track log. The time the picture was taken is matched with the place on the GPS track at the same time (It is important that your camera's clock was syncronised with your GPS receiver's time)



Freeware, download:


Load images, in 'Images' toolbar, select 'Syncronize With GPS Data Files..."

Geosetter user ExifTool, which can be run from the command prompt:



Install "ExifTool by Phil Harvey" :

Stand-Alone Executable

  1. Download the Windows Executable from the ExifTool home page

    (The file you download should be named "".)

  2. Extract "exiftool(-k).exe" from the ".zip" file, and place it on your Desktop

    (Double-click on "" to open the archive, then drag "exiftool(-k).exe" to your Desktop.)

  1. Rename "exiftool(-k).exe" to "exiftool.exe"

    (or "exiftool(-k)" to "exiftool" if file name extensions are hidden on your system)

  2. Move "exiftool.exe" to the "C:\WINDOWS" directory (or any other directory in your PATH).

You can now run exiftool by typing "exiftool" at the command prompt. (To get to the command prompt, select "Run..." from the Windows "Start" menu, then type "cmd" and press Return.)


 The Geotag tag is used to define the GPS track log data. The geotagging feature is activated by assigning the name of a track log file to this tag. As an example, the following command line adds GPS tags to all images in the "/Users/Phil/Pictures" directory based on GPS positions stored in the track log file "track.log" in the current directory:

exiftool -geotag=track.log /Users/Phil/Pictures


Geotag all images in the "c:\images" directory from position information in a GPS track log ("c:\gps logs\track.log"). Since the Geotime time is not specified, the value of DateTimeOriginal# is used. Local system time is assumed unless DateTimeOriginal# contains a timezone:

exiftool -geotag "c:\gps logs\track.log" c:\images


In the command prompt, enter the following:

exiftool -geotag "C:\Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi\history-2017-11-16.kml" C:\Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi\ToGeotag


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